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Faerie lands and fantasy realms..

While reading my fairy book (Cassandra Eason's A Complete Guide to Fairies & Magical Beings) I started to ponder about all the fantasy realms, imaginary lands and faerie places I've ever felt drawn to and there really has been so many...  When I was small and young I used to spend lots of time in my own imaginary worlds inspired by the things I had read about but allthese musings about fantasy worlds and fairie realms have never really left me..

*Nangijala was one of my first loves. The beautiful afterworld of Astrid Lindgren's Bröderna Lejonhjärta (The Lionheart Brothers). I truly loved the two valleys; Cherry Valley and Rose Valley and the kind of medieval atmosphere, campfires, horses and frightening kind of dragons.. When I was small I used to dream about riding horses, without a saddle on the fields & wilderness. And I used to dream about living in the Cherry Valley.. oh how I wished to have my own little house there..

*Narnia was a dream land as well.. All the interesting creatures, talking animals and epic events. I loved especially the fauns. <3

*The Middle Earth, especially Loth Lorien & Rivendel.. I loved the elven places, the trees and forests of the Middle Earth. And the mines of Moria..

*Avalon was different from others.. more real, more connected to this world. I loved the Priestess island of The Mists of Avalon and somehow always felt drawn to Avalon being related to apples.. And the mists.. the old faerie lands deep beyond the mists..

*Finnish author Marjatta Kureniemi was also able to bring so much magic and imaginary places into my childhood. The story about two little girls (Onneli & Anneli) who moved into a house of their own.. a wonderful fairytale like place.. or the fairytales of Unikko (the sister of Sandman) filled my dreams with all kinds of beautiful, enchanted things.. rainbow coloured rivers and flyiong with the dandelion seeds..

*The World(s) of Brian & Wendy Froud, Charles de Lint, Holly Black & Terri Windling introduced me to the faeries who reside here among us.. urban spirits of the ancient creatures.. wings and roots.. fairytales retold.. People who believe. People who know..

* The Faerie of Sandman/DC comics.. strongly drawn inspiration from the MIdsummer night's dream. Titania and Oberon and all the enchantment of the Faerie court.

There is many others too... The Legend, The Last Unicorn, Dark Crystal, Stardust...

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I think Brian Froud is absolutely AMAZING. Have you seen Labyrinth? He designed the creatures in that movie, and his son played the baby boy. The people making the film were wondering where they were going to find a baby that wouldn't be scared by the creatures/costumes, then they were like, "Duh, we'll use Brian's son! The kid's been raised with these sorts of things!" :-)
And I LOVE The Last Unicorn, and The Dark Crystal, although it frightened me when I was younger, but I would still watch it :-)

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I loved Labyrinth as a child! I love the Frouds! They seem like a truly magical family. :)