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"One day
You will take my heart completely
and make it more fiery than
a dragon.
Your eyelashes will write on my heart
the poem
that could never come from the pen
of a poet."



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This is an introspective journal of me, Merel, a hooded crow in the colours of a parrot. Or maybe not... grey & black are pretty and for many things..
I am a twilight soul, singer of the night, a Rainbow warrior, Lover or life, Fool and Beloved. I am a mystic, shaman student, poetic soul, an artist, empath, folklorist and crafts person, a phoenix, childfree, introvert..

I am like the sea of the northern hemispheres and there is forests growing in my heart. I am a Dreamer and a Dream Weaver. And I live of beauty, connection, meaning and music..
I am in love with Life itself.

If you wish to share ponderings on art, music, films, theatre, creativity or just amuse yourself with memes & tests you wish not put in your own journal, feel free to join my community heather_house or if you're into fan fiction & book/film/art and other creative & silly musings feel free to add my ff journal kuukiventomu.

I also have a creativity blog:

You can also find me at goodreads:
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19th century, altered art, ancestors, androgyny, animal rights, animals, antony, arborea, aromatherapy, art, art dolls, art therapy, bears, beauty, beloved, bi-love, bizarre, books, britain, buddhism, butoh, butterflies, caf├ęs, cats, chants, cocorosie, collages & mixed media, colours, compassion, cooking, corvidae, crafts, creativity, crows, dragons, dream catchers, dreams, early 20th century, earth, energy work, erika linder, faeries, fairies, farseer, feathers, films, finland, fire, folklore, fool, fools, forests, freaks, friends, fruit, gaia, gardening, gibran, glitter, gnosticism, grounding, herbs, hermann hesse, hooded crows, humour, incense, jdrama, journals, kdrama, kitchen magic, leaves, lee jun ki, letters, lgbtiq, literature, love, lucid dreaming, macabre, magic, masks, masquerades, medieval music, meditation, moon, moon kana, music, mystic, mythologies, myths, naruto, nature, nature spirits, noituus, north, ocean, old things, paganism, passion, perfumes, phoenix, photography, piano, plants, poetry, queer, rainbows, ravens, reading, reflections, resonances, rilke, rituals, robin hobb, romance, rpg, rumi, runes, sabbats, scandinavia, science, sea, sensuality, shades, shamanism, sherlock bbc, shiny things, silence, singing, sky, slash, soap bubbles, solitude, soulful conversations, soulful ponderings, spirituality, stars, steampunk, stories, sufism, sun, tarot, tea, thomass mann, thunderstorms, thure lindhardt, trains, trees, vegetarianism, vintage, vintage circus, vintage photos, visualizations, voices, voudou, water, web of life, witchcraft, writing, yin & yang, zen
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