hallavaris: (varis)
in random order and no explanations given...
1. Leonard Cohen: Famous Blue raincoat
2. The Who: Behind Blue Eyes
3. The Mamas and the Papas: California Dreamin'
4.Youssou N'Dour & Neneh Cherry: 7 seconds
5. Eurythmics: Sweet Dreams
6.The Cure: Lovesong
7. Eminem: Mocking bird
8. Marianne Faithful: Who will take my dreams away
9.Jan Garbarek: Rites
10. The Moody Blues: Nights in white satin
11. Sting: Shape of my heart
12.Bruce Springsteen: I'm on fire
13.Paula Vesala: Elegia
14. Connie Dover: Cantus
15. J. Karjalainen: Mennyt mies
16. P.J. Harvey: The Dancer
17. Yiruma: When the love falls
18. Natalie Merchant: My Skin
19. The Raveonettes: Beat city
20.Amy Winehouse: Back to black
21.Ane Brun: Big in Japan
22.Pohjannaula: Kuljettu matka
23.CMX: Pedot
24. Pohjannaula: Aksel ja Eino
25.CMX: Tuulilukko
26.CMX: Sielunvihollinen
27.P.J. Harvey & Thom Yorke: This mess we're in
28.Anna Ternheim: Bring down like I
29.Sting: Mad about you
30.Heather Nova: Every soldier is a mother's son
31.CocoRosie: Undertaker
32. CocoRosie: Raphael
33. Mylene Farmer: Sans contrefacon
34. Interpol: Take you on a cruise
35. Suede: Animal nitrate
36.Nick Cave and the bad seeds: O'Children
37. Marissa Nadler: Baby I will leave you in the morning
38.Midnight choir: Long hard ride
39.Tamikrest: Aratane
40.Nick Cave & P.J.Harvey: Henry Lee
41.Brad Paisley: Whiskey lullaby
42.16 Horsepower: Alone and forsaken
43.16 Horsepower: Sinnerman
44. Fever Ray: If I had a heart
45. Heartsrevolution: Ultraviolence
46.Royksopp: What else is there?
47.Arborea: Dance, Sing, Fight
48.Arborea: Spain
49. James Vincent McMorrow: Follow you down to the red oak tree
50. Lila Downs: La linea
51.Brighteyes: No-one would riot for less
52.Frazey Ford: In my time of dying
53.Swans: Miracle of love
54.Deine Lakaien: 2nd sun
55. Deine Lakaien: Love me to the end
56.Prince of Assyria: Tears of joy
57.Alison Krauss & Union station: The boy who wouldn't hoe corn
58. Kokia: Cyouwa oto
60.Mari Boine: My friend of angel tribe
61. Mary McLaughlin:Media Vita
62.Kino: Groupa grovi
63.Antony & the Johnsons: Deeper than love
64.Nick Cave & the bad seeds: Into my arms
65.Björk: Pagan poetry
66.Nick Drake: Clothes of sand
67.Alphaville: Forever young
68.Ed Harcourt: Watching the sun come up
69.Sisters of Mercy: Some kind of stranger
70.Amadou & Mariam: Senegal fast food
71. Placebo: Bitter end
72. Placebo: A song to say goodbye
73.Khadja Nin: Free (sina mali, sina deni)
74.SEHV: Viimeinki
75.SEHV: Tolstoi
76. SEHV: Lasinen vuori
77.Stephan Micus: The First Night (Athos)
78. Deva Premal: Om Ram Ramaya
79.Clannad: I will find you
80.J.M.K.E. Tere perestroika
81.Antony & the johnsons: Man is the baby
82. Antony & the johnsons: Cripple and the starfish
83.Hector: Jos sä tahdot niin
84. Kim Lönnholm: Minä olen muistanut
85. Heather Nova: Island
86.Midnight Choir: Jeff Bridges
87.Nirvana: Smells like teen spirit
88.Rosa Cedron: Negro caravel
89.Armand Amar: Bab'Aziz
90.Kraftwerk: Robots
91.Deva Premal: Om purnam I
92. Loreena McKennitt: A Mystic's dream
93. The Cure: Kyoto song
94.Anna Ternheim: No I don't remember
95.Lila Downs: Ojo le culebra
96.Meav: Wayfaring stranger
97.Heather Nova: Not only human
98. The Cure: Bloodflowers

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